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Translation Articles - December 2010

French Language Provision under Fire in Vancouver Olympics Report

December 20, 2010
Canada's language chief has criticized the Vancouver Olympics for failing to fulfil its bilingual responsibilities. Ten months after the 2010 Winter Olympic Games came to Canada, Official Languages Commissioner …       » read more

Instant Translation App Has Drawbacks

December 20, 2010
A smartphone application that translates to and from Spanish and English has provoked mixed responses. Word Lens uses character recognition software to read any text given it through a smartphone's video camera. Users point their phone at a sign or document and Word Lens …       » read more

EU Patenting System Will Cut High Translation Costs, Advocates Say

December 20, 2010
The European Commission has proposed a new patenting system to reduce the translation costs associated with filing a patent. Under the current system, the cost of a patent covering the entire European Union …       » read more

Montreal Businesses Get Language Help

December 13, 2010
The Quebec government has launched French-language resources for small businesses in Montreal. The $300,000 program provides materials mostly through a new website,, targeted mostly at immigrants to the area. "Carrefour francisation" translates as …       » read more

Cuba Launches Spanish-Language 'Wikipedia'

December 13, 2010
The Cuban government has created an online encyclopaedia to provide a Spanish-language alternative to Wikipedia. EcuRed aims to present topics in a way that reflects Cuba's worldview and ideology. In the site's own words, it aims to promote knowledge from a "decolonizer point of view." …       » read more

French to Take First Place in 2012 Olympics

December 13, 2010
French will be the main language of the 2012 Olympic Games—even though the event is being hosted in London, England. The Spectator magazine (London) made the disclosure after viewing documents it had been fighting to see for two years. It finally obtained the "secret …       » read more

Johnny Depp Admits French Language Still Confuses Him

December 07, 2010
Hollywood star Johnny Depp, whose new film The Tourist has its premiere this month, says learning the French language drove him crazy. Depp, whose film credits include Pirates of the Caribbean, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and the recent 3D sensation Alice in Wonderland …       » read more

Hispanic Pennsylvanians Get New Church

December 07, 2010
A Pennsylvania Catholic parish will soon get its first Spanish-speaking church. Latino worshippers in Avondale, a parish of Philadelphia, had no Spanish-language masses until 1990, when Father Frank Depman arrived to set up a weekly mass in the rural community. Twenty years later, six …       » read more

Businesses Target Growing Spanish-Speaking Population

December 07, 2010
The Heritage Foundation, a right-wing public policy think tank, has launched a Spanish-language website. Heritage hopes to capitalize on the broadly conservative nature of Hispanic Americans by providing "information, statistics and analysis of special interest to Hispanics, as well as …       » read more


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