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Translation Articles - November 2010

Venezuelan President Objects to New Spanish Language Rules

November 29, 2010
Hugo Chávez, the President of Venezuela, claims the Royal Spanish Academy's new rules on spelling would shorten his name to Ávez. Mr. Chávez's fears for his own name are unfounded, but his criticism of the changes represents just one of many dissenting voices worldwide. The …       » read more

Spanish Expletive Leads to Teacher Suspension in NYC

November 29, 2010
A Spanish curse word is at the centre of a controversy over a New York City teacher. Carlos Garcia was suspended from his job as a public high school teacher and fined $15,000 after students said he used the word "cono" frequently in the classroom. Garcia denies ever using it, and his …       » read more

Pilot Scheme Encourages Immigrants to Learn French, English

November 29, 2010
The Canadian government says a pioneering voucher scheme has made immigrants more than twice as likely to take advantage of free English and French language classes. Citizenship and Immigration Canada began the pilot program in October 2009, giving 2,000 randomly …       » read more

Sexual Assault Case Dropped Due to Bad Translation

November 22, 2010
An alleged sex offender has walked free after prosecutors admitted that the defendant's own confession was inadmissible evidence because of bungled translation. Florida resident Michel Carballea Garcia, 24, confessed to molesting his fiancée's 10-year-old daughter, but a court cannot …       » read more

Barnes & Noble ahead of the Game in Spanish Language and Translation

November 22, 2010
Book giant Barnes & Noble has announced America's first Spanish-language digital bookstore. The new website, NOOKbooks en español, will sell downloadable electronic books for Barnes & Noble's ebook reader …       » read more

French and English Translators Garner Canadian Awards

November 22, 2010
Two Canadian authors have been honoured with awards for their outstanding work in translation. Linda Gaboriau and Sophie Voillot, both from Montreal, received the Governor General's Literary Award for translating works of literature from French to English and English to French …       » read more

Americans Make Changes as Spanish Speakers Increase

November 15, 2010
A leading schools website has added a Spanish-language section to cater to the growing number of Spanish-speakers in the United States. is offering the resources following the US Census Bureau's announcement that 16 states have at least half a million…       » read more

Celebrated Spanish Movie Director Dies at 89

November 15, 2010
A Spanish filmmaker whose accolades include an Academy Award nomination for Best Foreign Language Film has died at the age of 89. Luis García Berlanga was acknowledged as a chief mover in the growth of his nation's film industry following the Spanish Civil War of 1936 to …       » read more

Quebec to Host Language Forum in 2012

November 15, 2010
Quebec will play host to a "global forum on the French language"a in 2012, it was announced at a summit of French-speaking nations this month. The Francophonie, the gathering of nations dedicated to the preservation of the French language and culture, met in Switzerland to discuss …       » read more

Spanish Language Academy Unifies Spelling

November 08, 2010
The Real Academia Española will introduce new spellings to the Spanish language when it announces its new edition of the Ortografía de la lengua española later this month. The RAE, known in English as the Royal Spanish Academy, published its first Ortografía in 1899, detailing …       » read more

National Hockey League Anti-French, Says Former Player

November 08, 2010
An ex-hockey player has charged the National Hockey League with discriminating against non-English speakers. Bob Sirois, a Quebecer who played for the Philadelphia Flyers and the Washington Capitals in the NHL, has made the accusations in a book published in October in English …       » read more

French Children's Literature Award Announced

November 08, 2010
A story about a man who dreams of being a millionaire has scooped a top French-language children's literature prize. The book, published in October 2009, has been given the Canadian Children's Literature Award, a joint award by TD Bank Financial Group and the Canadian Children's …       » read more

Spanish-Language TV Channel Overtaking English Networks

November 01, 2010
A Spanish-language channel is pushing other US TV networks out of the way and is set to take the top spot within five years, ad buyers have said. Univision has recently edged out CW, the station whose hits include America's Next Top Model, Gossip Girl and The Vampire Diaries, to take the …       » read more

Canada Failing Bilingual Duty, Commissioner Says

November 01, 2010
Canada's Commissioner of Official Languages has criticized the country's public agencies for "falling well short in promoting Canada's linguistic duality." In a report presented to Parliament this November, Graham Fraser told the government that federal institutions were failing to provide …       » read more

New Dictionary Recognizes American-Spanish Words

November 01, 2010
A newly published dictionary celebrates the rise of "Spanglish," the crossover of American English and Spanish. The Diccionario de Americanismos contains 2,333 pages of words made by mixing the two languages. The terms are popular not only among Hispanic people in the US …       » read more


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