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Thousands of western companies have moved their factories into eastern Asia. China has cashed in and is now more expensive to do business with. But China’s neighbor to the north, once the feared homeland of Mongol invaders, Mongolia is becoming a major manufacturing and industrial center.

If your company is thinking of working with Mongolian companies or the government, clear communication is key. While a miscommunication may not bring an international incident the likes of Ghengis Khan, a simple mistranslation can cost your company millions.

So who should you trust with important Document Translation when communicating with your Mongolian counterpart? Do you trust your memos to a simple, free, translation software on the web?

Trust a tried-and-true Mongolian document interpretation company! Technovate employs native-speakers in over 100 languages, including Mongolian.

If you receive a memo, or important document from your factory in Mongolia, Technovate can help. Rather than having to hire your own translator, or requiring the company in Mongolia to do the same, Technovate can help you. Technovate’s Mongolian document interpreters can translate your document into or from Mongolian quickly and accurately. And the money you save transferring your manufacturing to Mongolia will pay for Technovate’s services a thousand times over.

Each language, and each region, has its own idioms, colloquialisms, and vernacular. The Internet has made the world smaller, but has also made the risk of miscommunication that much more immanent. Having a trusted Mongolian document interpreter service is essential. Trust Technovate with your business!


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