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More and more companies are “outsourcing” to India. While there are pros and cons to this outsourcing, it is becoming “the thing to do” if you need someone to man the phone lines. But what most customers complain about are problems communicating.

There are hundreds of native languages in India—none of them English. Thanks to England’s colonization of India, English isn’t a totally foreign language, but the public has started to dread those calls to tech support because speaking with the foreign workers is just too hard. And when you need to contact the phone banks, or do some research on an Indian company, finding a way to communicate clearly is the most important investment you can make.

Technovate offers Document Translation in Hindi, the main language spoken in India. If you have a business document you need translated into Hindi, or a document in Hindi you need interpreted into English or another language, contact us for a free quote.

Communication is critical when you are training your Indian workers. You put in thousands of dollars to train new workers, as well as upgrade training to your existing workforce. Let Technovate’s Hindi document translation services have at all your training material before you ship it off. By utilizing the Hindi Document Translation, you can rest assured that your work force has the correct information needed to provide support to your customers. When your workforce is able to understand the ins and outs of your company quickly, your workers can spend less time in training and move to the phone bank or manufacturing line that much quicker. Your workers’ moral will soar when they know that your company not only cares about the bottom line, but also about the workers as well.

As more companies go overseas for their workforce, “outsourcing” has become a “four-letter word” in the minds of some customers. Being able to provide your customers with knowledgeable staff is the best way to keep this from happening to your company. Let Technovate and our Hindi document translation team help you with this all-important first step.


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