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The state of North Carolina, along with the neighboring South Carolina, owes its name to the English King Charles I, whose son Charles II named the land in his honor, in 1663. In 1792 by which time Carolina had become South and North its capital, Raleigh, was named after the English explorer Sir Walter Raleigh, who had previously tried to establish colonies in the territory with limited success. By then, it had also become the 12th state of the USA. North Carolina is known for its inspiring scenery, consisting of both plains and mountains, including the celebrated Appalachian range, with its subranges including the Great Smokey Mountains and the Blue Ridge Mountains. With 14 national parks and 34 state parks, the state is celebrated for the quality and beauty of its "great outdoors" life.

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North Carolina has a population of 9.4 million and a growth rate above the national average. Immigration has seen an increase in the Hispanic and Asian-American populations, in particular. North Carolina also has the largest Native American population on the east coast. The state's increasingly diverse makeup means an ever-growing need for efficient translation services. Manufacturing and agriculture have traditionally been mainstays of the North Carolina economy, though service industries such as finance, technology and leisure have steadily grown in recent years. In this increasingly urbanized state, the larger cities such as Charlotte and Raleigh have developed economies of national and international importance. Tourism is a growing sector of the economy, with the state hosting up to 50 million visitors a year, both national and international. Its state and national parks, major sporting events and venues, and family attractions have made it the sixth most visited state in the USA. Never have quality, reliable translation services been more essential in North Carolina.

Technovate Translations delivers highly accurate translations professionally and efficiently. We employ only the most skilled translators. Our staff must have at least three years' experience in translation, and pass a stringent test to ensure only the best quality for our clients. Our translators are native speakers of the languages they work with. We offer a personal, friendly service available 24 hours a day, something you won't always find with our competitors. We deliver to your specifications speedily, yet without compromising on quality or accuracy. You can phone and speak to someone straight away, or submit a request for a quote online, and we promise one of our friendly customer service staff will get straight back to you to answer your query.

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