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Massachusetts is one of four U.S. states to officially be termed a Commonwealth. The state has a population of 6.6 million, but interestingly, the vast majority live within the metropolitan area including and surrounding the capital and largest city, Boston. Massachusetts was the site of the early British colony of Plymouth, founded by the Mayflower pilgrims, and it was the leading colony in agitating for revolution in the 1770s. Today, Massachusetts is a center for financial services, health care, and high technology, and it has the highest concentrations of competitive higher education institutions in America, including Harvard University in Cambridge.

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Besides its major financial and insurance companies, and its major universities, the state is also known for its large and historic seafood industry, a major part of the state's economy from colonial days. Massachusetts is a melting pot of people and cultures, with significant populations representing ethnicities and cultures from around the world, including Europe, Latin America, and Asia. The state has a large and growing Brazilian population. According to surveys, 6 percent of the state's population speaks Spanish as a first language. Other languages spoken by large numbers of people in Massachusetts are Portuguese (2.68%), French (1.44%) and Italian (1%). As a result, there is a growing need for translation services in Massachusetts. Whether you are a business in search of a certified translation agency to help you work with non-English-speaking clients, or you're simply looking for a professional translation service to help you to expand your reach worldwide, hiring a quality translation service is essential for doing business in the modern and diverse Massachusetts economy.

Technovate Translations can help your business work with international clients and customers who speak languages other than English. We utilize the services of native speakers of the world's more than one hundred languages, including Spanish, French, and Portuguese, to give you the expert language translations you need in Massachusetts. Our team of certified translation service professionals provides the highest quality translations in the field with the fastest return rates in the industry. Combined with our fast and friendly customer service, our document translation service, legal service translations, and technical translation services are a must for anyone working with the multiple languages spoken in Massachusetts.

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