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Los Angeles, California is a world-famous center of culture, the arts, and tourism. Home to Hollywood, it is the capital of film and television production, as well as the second largest city in the United States. The city's nearly four million residents are spread over an area of almost five hundred square miles. The city is home to more celebrities than nearly any other place on earth, and its economy revolves largely around the entertainment, arts, fashion, and media industries. Due to the city's high profile, its skyline is well-known around the world from its many appearances in film and television.

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Los Angeles is a highly diverse city, home to residents who hail from around the world. Almost half of Angelinos are of Hispanic or Latino origin, and unlike most American cities, Los Angeles residents speak a variety of first languages. Recent surveys indicate that 42 percent of Los Angeles's population speaks Spanish as their first language, with Korean, Chinese, Tagalog, Persian, and Armenian having large numbers of speakers as well. This diversity, combined with the city's international appeal, makes language translations a vital part of living and doing business in Los Angeles. Whether you are a business looking for a certified translation service to help you communicate with your foreign clients, or you are simply looking for a professional translation service to assist you in expanding your global reach or communicating with others in your own community, hiring a quality translation service is essential for doing business in the diverse economy of Los Angeles.

Technovate Translations can work with your business to reach your international clients and customers at home who speak languages other than English. Our team of certified translation service professionals delivers the web's highest quality translations every day with the fastest average turnaround rates in the industry. We utilize the services of highly qualified native speakers of more than one hundred languages to give you the expert language translations you require when you require them. Combined with our fast and friendly customer service, our document translation service, legal service translations, and technical translation services are an essential element for anyone working with the multiple languages spoken in L.A.

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