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There are thousands of native languages in Africa. Most African countries also claim a European language such as English or French as a second official language, but there can still be confusion between a native English speaker from England or North America and a native speaker from an African country.

When a company needs to do business in another country, deals and perhaps hundreds of millions of dollars hang in the balance. Communicating in a business associate’s native language can not only cut down on miscommunication but it will also impress on your counterpart your desire to communicate clearly with him (not to mention your respect for him).

If your business counterpart speaks Chichewa (used in south-central Africa), who can you turn to for help with communication? There are not too many native Chichewa speakers in England or North America, but Technovate’s Chichewa document localization services can help!

Many languages are spoken just in south-central Africa. the vast majority of which are related. Localization translation ensures that your Chichewa-speaking business associates understand the message you are trying to convey.

Each language has its own idioms, colloquialisms, and vernacular, and sometimes literal translations do not convey the same message as in the original language. Technovate’s Chichewa document localization services make sure that the spirit, rather than the letter, of your documents shines through. Technovate hires native Chichewa speakers to accurately and quickly convey your message.


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