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As the world becomes smaller and business becomes more global, clear communication becomes crucial. While English is fast gaining status as the universal business language, communication difficulties between people whose first language is not English are becoming more and more common.

At Technovate, clear communication is our goal. Hiring translators from all around the world, Technovate can help you with all your business needs.

Today, more and more manufacturing is done in Africa, where the exchange rates make providing a living wage for workers very cost-effective. Being able to communicate in native languages is key. Technovate offers document interpreter services in Afar, the language of Ethiopia. Able to translate into or from Afar into any of over 100 languages, Technovate’s Afar document interpreters are able to not just translate the letter of your documents, but also the spirit.

Afar document interpretation services available through Technovate will help you communicate with manufacturers in Ethiopia. Technovate can help you with government documents in Afar. Get government contracts—or make sure the government contracts are fair for your business—using Technovate’s Afar document interpreter services.

Translate inventory spreadsheets, memos, and thousands of other business documents into your manager’s native language.

Technovate employs native Afar speakers to ensure correct translations, and guarantees the work.

If you are doing business in Ethiopia, in an area which Afar is not spoken, don’t worry. Technovate also offers document translation services in the other major languages of Ethiopia.


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